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Tuesday 1 July 2014

A gentle stroll.........

The plan to walk up to Pressendye and along the ridge was again abandoned today.  This time not because the cloud was too low, the rain too wet or the wind too strong - this time because I reasoned that if I'm going to enjoy the weekend to come without a painful knee, I'd better not push it too much; however good the weather!
So with a glance across to those beckoning hills I contented myself with a stroll to investigate the Tomnaverie Stone Circle.
The walk is pleasantly green and rural with a very short climb up to the stones themselves.
After that I completed a circle of my own by walking back through the woods - glad of the shade but not of the accompanying flying insects.
The whole thing took not quite an hour and a half. 
There was one detour across a field as I mislaid the signposted route. I found it again after climbing a gate! Must pay more attention when walking and not day-dream so much!
And the weekend? A trip to Yorkshire to spectate some of the 'Grand Depart'.....very exciting!

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