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TGOC 2013 - Introduction

This is a straight transcription of the diary I kept during the Challenge in 2013 - warts and all!

Left home on Wednesday - easy Bus/Train/Bus/Bus to stay in the Youth Hostel in Fort William.

Travelling alongside Loch Ness was very good sight-seeing trip but No Monster!

Thursday morning met Mick & Gayle near Morrisons cafe where we waited for the bus to Acharacle. A long leisurely breakfast there............

Booked into the Hotel which cost a bit but it was a lovely room with a view of the Loch, and nice food!

We had a late 'lunch' at the Bakery across the road where we bumped into Adrian.

I walked out to Castle Tioram and got a lift back from a kind tourist I met taking photos. Dinner was good.

Still coughing a bit - hope it clears up or at least gets no worse.

Rejected the possible Ben Resipole option - think I'll stick to the road which looks hard as it's narrow in places and probably dangerous!

Washed all my clothes except trousers - so all clean and ready to go!!

{All packed up waiting for the bus to Aberdeen}

{Art work outside the Fort William Youth Hostel}

{Mick, Gayle and Adrian outside the Bakery in Acharacle}

{The view out towards Castle Tioram}

{Castle Tioram - well worth the short walk}

{I had thought about starting here by the Castle with my tent....}

{I could have camped at the Hotel......}

{My comfy room.....a better option!}

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