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TGOC 2013 - Days 1, 2 + 3

Day 1 (Friday) Road to Strontian

Bright, sunny, beautiful morning....

Walked (trudged) along the road - good views though...

Was buzzed all morning by Motocross Riders on some kind of competition route.

Gradually got gloomy and wet until tonight finds me huddling in a rain soaked tent, listening to the heavy rain, a very loud river and a cuckoo!

I had arrived at Strontian before 2 pm and wandered about a bit. Bikers filled the cafe so I walked on to Ariundle (it was promised 1 mile up the road). Had delicious soup and then watched the rain coming down like stair-rods - so I had a coffee too! Eventually decided to walk on to the end of the Nature Reserve to find a wild pitch. Easier said than done! Flat, no poo, dryish - no hope on any of those!

Finally got tent up after 45 minutes of prospecting. SO wet. Of course, once inside it I discovered the slope and the lump and how slippy the shiny foil mat was - think I might be up all night!

Dinner was a few odd bars/dried fruit etc. I was hoping it would stop raining so I could make a cup of tea - but no luck!

Adrian arrived as I was going to get water. He was wet too, having come the Ben Resipole way, glad I took the road option.........

{Gnomes on the road to Strontian}

{Arriving at last]

{View from my tent....}

Day 2 (Saturday)  Walking Glen Gour

Roller coastering all night in my tent - was awake early - had tea and breakfast then packed up by 7.30 am - and away....

Started well, but the ground was very wet and the first river crossing took me ages - shortly after that I saw Adrian ahead of me, vanishing fast into the distance. Long legs a great advantage!

Eventually caught by Nigel and Chris who were tanking along - must just be me who minces in water!

Trying to keep up with them I made a bad step, slid over and landed hard on my knee...bent my walking pole and shook myself up. (There was swearing...) Nigel kindly stayed with me until I felt a bit  better, I took some painkillers, and let him go on without me. My leg felt ok but I knew I had pulled and twisted my knee.

A second sliding fall gave me a huge bruise on the other leg when I fell onto a sharp rock. A third completely sapped my confidence......

There were 3 or maybe 4 more deep fast rivers and plenty more sodden ground to cross.

The track when I got to it was awful and by now the showers had turned to heavier rain.

Met Mick, Gayle and Kirsten at the end of the track and they dragged me along with them (groaning). Stopped at Clovullin shop for an ice-cream and toilet stop.

We caught the ferry at Corran and I went straight into the bunkhouse to find a room for the night. Ate painkillers and mashed potato. 

Washed and dried everything. Then slept well.

{Looking back at the first fast deep river crossing....}

Day 3 (Sunday) to Kinlochleven - my planned route via the forest and WHW abandoned in favour of road walking....

As my legs were only just about usable I decided to walk on the road. It was hard going for feet and tiring.

On the way I had lunch at a small seafood restaurant halfway along the road. Ate a lovely chickpea salad and a Brownie pudding with coffee. Arrived at Kinlochleven by 3.30 and pitched at Blackwater Campsite. Raining again.

Met up with Mick and Pete, and Kirsten again. We had dinner in the Tailrace Inn. Plenty of food today!

Temperature seems to have dropped - snow on the tops beside the town. Slept very well despite rain, sleet and wind in night!

{Very wet road walking....}

{Loch Leven from the North side}

{Pitched up in Kinlochleven}


Alan Sloman said...

That looks like quite a tough start you had, Laura.
You kept going though. Good on you!
Is that Croydon & Morpeth in the last picture?

Laura said...

Well spotted! The hooded ones.....