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TGOC 2013 - Days 13 + 14

Day 13 (Wednesday) Tarfside to Northwater Bridge Campsite

Rejected the Brechin/Lunan Bay route I had planned. It looked steep and as there was an increasingly strong wind we carried on the trade route to Edzell.

Breakfast at the Retreat on the way and the Tuck Inn for a late lunch.

As usual the plod to the Campsite was long but not too terrible. We pitched there and I tried in vain to wash the Compeed out of two pairs of socks!

Day 14 (Thursday) To the Coast!

Fell asleep listening to tall tales from some Challengers sitting at a picnic bench nearby. Woken at 6 am by someone talking loudly on the phone to his wife! 

During the night the wind rattled the tent again but no damage! 

Set off and walked straight to the Fruit Farm for a scrumptious celebratory lunch. Fun for me but bitter-sweet for Louise. 

Getting onto the beach proved to be more of a challenge than we anticipated but finally managed it just before Montrose in a small sandstorm.  A little rocky beach with waves breaking over the boots - a splendid finish! Number 4 under the belt!

The usual warm welcome at the Park Hotel. A delicious curry instead of braving the risky delight of the Vegetarian Option with Louise, and Mike Knipe and later on Peter.

I didn't last long in the bar - a cosy bed was more preferable!

Next day the hobble home - train to Aberdeen and then the bus home. 


{Montrose beach - thanks to Louise for the photo!}


Alan Sloman said...

Wow - An ibuprofen powered Challenger! Well done for sticking it out for so long with those blisters.

A good way to get Compeed out of your socks is to wash them in a small bath of petrol - careful though! And then lots of detergent in warm water and then put them through the wash once they don't stink of petrol.

Louise said...

Ooo, I enjoyed that! Brilliant and well done you. Next time We'll... xx
PS Thanks for lunch, very yummy xx