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TGOC 2013 - Day 10, 11, 12

Day 10 (Sunday) On to Ballater

Without the Ibuprofen I would probably not be able to walk a step - I have blisters now on both heels.

Today Louise and I walked to Crathie from Braemar. Then enjoyed a sunny lunch on my own doorstep! I was able to swap a few things, and pick up a new gas cylinder. I tried charging the camera batteries but it's still not working properly.

We walked on to Ballater, arrived about 7 pm and camped at the campsite. A meal in the Italian restaurant was rather a fiasco - I had to order 3 different things before they had what I wanted. An Italian restaurant that runs out of spaghetti? I had to eat around the parmesan........

Quick drink in the pub with numerous other Challengers then back to the tent. Slept well.

{Louise at the Diamond Jubilee Cairn}

{Balmoral with an unexpected chaffinch}

{Our tents at Ballater campsite}

{Louise posing with Highland Cattle}
Day 11 (Monday) Deeside Way to Aboyne

Breakfast in Ballater Bothy Cafe - brilliant porridge!

My feet are a disgrace with even more blisters - now on all my toes!

Had a good lunch stop at Dinnet (Loch Kinord Hotel) then walked on to Aboyne. We aimed to start up the Fungle Road and find a wild camp site. During a stop by the airfield we discussed the increasingly humid weather and dark sky. A storm coming? A B & B was out of the question but Louise made a great suggestion. Catch the bus in Aboyne back to Crathie - then bus back in the morning to start our walk over the Fungle to Tarfside. Brilliant! 

Back at Crathie we bathed, washed clothes, ate real food, even watched a bit of t.v., SORTED!

Day 12 (Tuesday) Fungle Road to Tarfside

Left for Aboyne on the school bus. A few vaguely astonished adolescents stared at our large rucksacks. We met another Challenger who got on at Ballater but he was continuing on the Deeside Way to Aberdeen.

We took the muddy Fungle Road over to Birse. Weather wasn't too bad today, mostly sunny and not too warm. Up to Gannoch was hard going and steep in places with loose rock. My knees hated the descent but we arrived about 7 and pitched in the field. 

Spent a while in the Masons but didn't sleep that well with all the snoring and some drunken shouting from one of the other tents!

{Last photo - on the way up The Fungle Road}


Louise said...

Last photo, phew! You always get my best side ;-) Whisper, who was in goggles?

Laura said...

Sworn to secrecy re the goggles - sorry!

Last photo - because the camera died completely after that.....