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TGOC 2013 - Days 7, 8 + 9

Day 7 (Thursday) along the road to Blair Atholl

An excellent night and breakfast at Gardens B & B. Enjoyed the road walking to Trinafour. The strange Struan bridges are interesting. Had lunch outside House of Bruar and then walked into Blair Atholl - it's a long straight road, don't try it! Fortunately, another Challenger caught me up (forgotten the name - sorry!) and we walked together.

Went for soup and coffee at the Watermill Cafe. Delicious!

Camped at Caravan site - such a good shower block! Dinner in the Bothy Bar. Had a good night's sleep and woke to a sunny morning!

{Bridges at Struan}

{Victorian engineering!}

{Sunshine in Blair Atholl campsite}
Day 8 (Friday) Glen Tilt - Blair Atholl to just after White Bridge

Walking through Glen Tilt it was a gorgeous day but a strong, cold wind was against me all day. Maybe a storm coming!

After Marble Bridge I walked with Cathy. My blisters are horrible so I was glad of the company to keep me going.

At one point Cathy turned around to find me pinned face down on the path by my rucksack. NOT funny - well, ok, maybe a BIT!

By the time we reached White Bridge the wind was strong and it was too exposed to pitch. With the help of Nicole who had caught us up by the ruin, we found a good place to camp beside a stand of trees. Most of them were blown down by previous storms but gave us protection. I did panic a bit before I settled down and got into the tent - the wind was so strong and after last year I couldn't risk another disaster!

We had not a bad night. Could hear the wind but it didn't get to us.

{Resting my feet at Marble Bridge}

{Approaching the Falls of Tarf}

{Can't tell you who this is - I promised not to tell!}
Day 9 (Saturday) Linn of Dee, Mar Lodge, Braemar

Surprisingly no rain in the morning. Heavy sky. Packed up.

Feet very sore but I left yesterday's plasters in place overnight and kept the socks on - well, they are more than half Compeed now.....

Walked with Cathy to Mar Lodge for tea, bread and jam! Then the slog up the road.

Met up with Louise (and David). Decided to try and find a B & B.....found a Chalet at Braemar Lodge available for 2 - 4 for £100 or £120 for 6. We said yes! Found a Dutch couple who wanted the double room, and Al and Andy took the other twin room. So £20 a head! Bargain!

In the afternoon, heavy rain flooded the campsite! So the Chalet was a really GOOD decision!

{Three Chalet mates}


Alan Sloman said...

That cabin was a great idea, thank you.
(I have pinched the picture of us in the cabin and stuck it on my blog - thank you Missy!)
You can find it HERE

Andrew W said...

Excellent stuff.
I pinched the cabin photo :-)
It was lovely there.