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Monday, 17 January 2011

Tinkering over............

Finally stopped fiddling with The Route - returned it to almost what it was originally - and sent it off. Roger has acknowledged receipt so I'm waiting for The Vetting. There's bound to be some glaring errors, which I didn't see.

I'll be starting at Oban, then more or less a 'trade route', mostly low level, through Glen Tilt to Braemar, then Tarfside, Brechin and Lunan Bay.  It visits quite a few places I've not been to before and some very close to home! I've tried to avoid too much road walking except the first day to Taynuilt which seemed unavoidable. I rejected the option to go North of Loch Etive or even to Port Appin (that was too much ferrying!).

The hostel in Oban is booked for the Thursday night but I haven't booked anything else. I have scheduled in some campsites on the way but they're mostly not open yet so won't be taking reservations till nearer Easter.

I think I'll probably not send any parcels, too restrictive if I have to change my route at all.

That's it.

{Reaching Montrose, 2009}

NOW - what new kit will I need? Should I change my sleeping bag from synthetic to down? It would save a lot of space and some weight, but I need to think about the feather thing. I've already bought a new jacket, a Paramo 3rd Element, before they disappear completely. My rucksack and tent are well tested and I love them both.

I'm sure I'll think of something.............!


Mike Knipe said...

The Oban road walk's not so bad, Laura - not much traffic and there are brewing up spots and snoozing spots....
I have a golite down bag and it's toasty. I put it inside a RAB bivi bag, which weighs very little and protects it against condensation and falling asleep with a tin of beer in your hand.

The Odyssee said...

hi Laura. In my humble opinion i would change to down bag at around 600gr. From PHD, Cumulus or Western Mountaineering. It should handle the temperatures at that time of year. If the temps drop down lower then you can always put on a down jacket to supplement.
I know you love your tent but for the chally it might be worth considering going lighter, funds depending of course.
Don’t forget most of your carry weight is the big 3. Tent, sleeping bag, rucksack. No point shaving off 10gr here and there from other gear when the big 3 are still heavy.
Good jacket the Paramo.

Louise said...

Well done you! Felt a bit like standing on the edge of a cliff, waiting to jump for me. Toying with the idea of new kit, eh? I'm getting a Tilley for an early birthday present, but I'm toying with the idea of a short sleeved t-shirt too. A girl can't have too much kit, so long as I don't take all of it with me! Hope you're having a great time x

Alan Sloman said...

Wooh Hoo!
Kit Monster!
Well done - I have just this very moment sent mine off to uncle Roger as well.

It's ages since I have been responsible for my own route (Phil usually takes control, you see) so I shall see if it comes back smothered in red biro with a big "See Me" all over it...

Laura said...

Mike - brewing and snoozing are definitely included in the route - thanks for advice about the beer too - a bivi bag is a good idea for the down bag anyway.

Alan - I've made a list which starts with PHD Minim 400 - also wondering whether the short Combi bag might suit my ample personage better - I'd have to have a zip though - so that makes it expensive - although not completely out of the box. My tent is around 1.3 kg - not too bad?

Louise - I made loads of changes to my route then changed them all back again - so I thought I'd better send it off quick! We're having a great time - just a pity the legs are getting weary too soon in the day.

Alan - My route is just straight forward, low level, but with some room for variations if the spirit moves me! Oh and a whole Saturday in Braemar.....

The Odyssee said...

Women sleep colder than men for some reason by about 4 degrees i am led to believe so watch the temp ratings of the bags.
I wouldn’t go for the combi i would just take your silk liner.
Are you still using the Deuter 45 + 10. And what tent will you use?

Laura said...

As I'm quite vertically challenged I'll go for a short version of whatever bag - my thoughts about the Combi bag were that it is a bit wider than the average phd bag.
Yes still using the 45 + 10 - I like the pockets and the way it carries. My tent is an MSR Hubba.

The Odyssee said...

I know what you mean about the Deuter as i have still got mine and i did like it. I went for the lighter OMM villain though, so now its redundant. I fancy the even lighter Gorilla so that might be on the agenda soon.
I get your point on the combi now.
Are yes the Hubba. I couldn’t remember which one you had but now you’ve said, i recall you had fun with the delivery.
Its a fine tent and definitely doesn’t need to be changed for the chally.