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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Which are you?.............

Just around Christmas bored with watching the endless films I turned to a comedy programme. I can't remember which one. I've since googled for the stand-up comedian I saw. His name is Jon Richardson.

He introduced a brilliant concept. He proposed that it's possible to divide the world into two groups - Putters and Leavers.

To start with, answer the question...........'Where are your car keys?' Your answer will help you identify to which group you belong.

A Putter knows where they are, e.g. in the front pocket of my handbag, in a dish by the door etc.

A Leaver has no idea. They are where he or she left them.

You can develop this theme of course. Putters like to plan, be in control, have homes for things. Leavers are constantly abandoning things, finding them by accident but never in the same place twice, always asking 'have you seen my keys, boots, book, wallet, phone, etc.?'

I suppose that marriage and other partnerships work best when there is one from each group. Two Putters would have real problems as they both would have to know where everything must be. Two Leavers would live in a rather chaotic world.

So in our case we are happily one of each.

Can you guess which is which?

And more importantly - which are you?


Louise said...

That is such an interesting question! I'm living up to my Gemini starsign because I'm a bit of each. Car and house keys, purse, mobile, herbs and spices are alphabetically stored, these sort of important items have a home and will be put back each time they are finished with. I plan and list endlessly. However, the charger for my camera went missing and was only found when a new one was bought. I have a filing system for my maps, but they are often littering the coffee table or by my computer. Same goes for recipe clippings. David is a putter, and even if his tools don't quite make it back to the tool box, (like the pile on the drainer in the utility, ahem) he will know exactly where he put them.
I think you're the leaver and hubby's the putter. (Or maybe the other way around?) Oops, that was a long one, sorry!

Mike Knipe said...

I'm a putter/forgetter. It takes but seconds to move from one status to the next.

Laura said...

Thanks for the epic comment Louise! I certainly would have you down as a Putter.
Do you think tgo challengers are mostly Putters - could be.....?
Mike - I was going to say something to you - but I've forgotten what it was now..........

Theo said...

I'm a putter, at least I think I am. My wife doesn't agree. It's her opinion that I'm totally chaotic. I think she's an uberputter :-)