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Thursday, 2 December 2010


Wow! Wot a lot a snow!

{Ballater bin}

Made a foray for desperately needed provisions into Ballater today. Just getting to the garden gate was a major expedition. My new winter trousers (Berghaus Cascade soft shell from Ebay, of course!) were well up to the challenge.......

Can't wait to get out on a walk or two but I really wish my snowshoes were here and not in France!

To pass the time indoors, I'm considering my route across Scotland for the TGO Challenge. As I didn't finish this year's I had thought of using the same route, perhaps changing the first few days, but today's plan is to start at Oban and include Glen Tilt on the way to Montrose.

{Phone box at Crathie}


Alan Sloman said...

Hi Laura
I almost broke my neck today walking to the shops - and that was on about half an inch of snow which had been squished down to ice.
Lovely pictures!

Louise said...

Beats the eight inches on our trampoline! Serious stuff.

Gayle said...

Fantastic photos!

Just a touch more snow there than the small smattering here in the Midlands!