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Monday, 6 December 2010

Snot.............and more snow!

I've spent the last few days wishing I could get out and about but feeling a bit grotty with the snottiest, yukiest cold I've had for a long time. Probably caught from my grand-daughter on last week's trip to Yorkshire.

In fact we only got back through the snow and ice because we have a 4 wheel drive VW van and plenty of experience of travelling in these kind of conditions. We couldn't get over the A66 nor Glenshee as the roads were closed, so it was a long journey. John drove steadily and carefully all the way - well done!

We have had a couple of days when it was not too bad over-head and I've been able to take some interesting snowy photos.

{Bridge over the Dee}

As I said before, the garden is under at least 2 foot of snow. Not the usual heavy wet stuff, but proper lightweight fluffy snow, the kind you can't use to make snowmen! There's been no satellite TV either, as the dish is frozen up behind some huge icicles. There are some of these icicles hanging dangerously above the front door, as the postman pointed out to me this morning.

The roads are much clearer today and the local school is back in action. But until my snot clears a bit I think I'll stay close to home.

Just a note that the Keen walking boots I'm enjoying wearing so much, are very grippy on the snow and warm too. However, my winter trousers, Berghaus Cascade, need a pair of good leggings underneath to keep out the cold.

{Strange fence posts at Balmoral}

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Alan Sloman said...

They are very smiley fence posts Laura!