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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hip Hip .......Hurry!

Yes I do mean 'hurry' but also hooray! Finally I've got my blog back!

I've been struggling for a couple of days with unwanted pop-ups, pornographic videos, fake virus alerts and worst of all, I haven't been able to put any text onto my blog page.

I now have no idea why it's working again but hey-ho I'm making the most of it!

It may have frozen up again the next time I come to type something............?

However I don't seem to be able to up-load photos yet.

Must be the Gremlins again........


Louise said...

Excellent news! Told you, just needed a good talking to. Story of my life...

The Odyssee said...

I’m pleased that the machine is working again. How strange that it just started working again. It doesn’t make sense.
I take it as read that you have a firewall and virus finders etc and that you are using windows.
Did you scan the drive?

I will suggest one thing because there are so many outlets to resolve the problem and others out there with greater knowledge.
Download the free software Avira, its not a huge file, disable your current virus software and scan your drive with Avira. It’s free.

If there is anything it will find it.
Once it’s finished you can bin the Avira program and re-enable your own if thats what you want to do. Or you can keep it.
But don’t have 2 programs running against each other it will slow your machine down at startup.

I hope you don’t mind me leaving this comment... Alan