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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A Very Short Walk...........

Getting out seemed a priority this morning, so I set off to try and get to the bothy in Glen Gelder. I carefully climbed out of the front door as it's now so icy it's impossible to put your feet safely on the step!

I went along the road first as the path is still uncleared and then took the track across the bridge onto the Balmoral estate, making good progress. The snow is still very cold and powdery which makes it difficult to walk in unless you can find either footprints or tyre tracks to follow. Luckily I found a vehicle had already been along there.

{Not this way!}

I headed up towards the edge of the forest hoping that the landrover had gone into Glen Gelder. Unfortunately that was not the case, so eventually I had to turn back as the snow was deeper and deeper (well above my knees) and I began to worry about getting stuck!

{Reaching the edge of the forest}

{Looking across Glen Gelder to Ripe Hill}**

The 'high' stepping in the snow was quite hard work though, so at least when I finally got back to the road I felt as though I had exercised a bit!

Taking the loop round past the gates of Balmoral added some extra distance to what was now quite a short walk. On the way I noticed the curling rink was being prepared for use.

{Curling rink almost ready to use}

** Sharp eyed readers may notice a new fence across this landscape - I don't think it was there the last time I walked in the glen - when the snow hardens up or melts away a bit I'll go and take a closer look!

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