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Saturday, 17 April 2010


After a general faffing about this morning - collecting a parcel, paying a bill, buying gas for my JetBoil, bagging up some dehydrated lentil stew and putting some dirty clothes in the washing machine - I finally set off for a 'training' walk.

I chose to go to Braemar today and walk the loop up Morrone and down the track the other side back to village.

The weather was just about ok - but became very windy and a bit chilly so I never took off my jacket. By the time I reached the phone mast at the top of the hill the wind was so strong into my face it was difficult to breathe.

The mast and weather station are not much to look at but the views of the surrounding hills are worth the climb.

{Photo of Loch Callater from Morrone}

As you can see from the photo the snow has retreated up the hills quite significantly in the past week. The air was a bit hazy - I'm not sure if that was a volcanic effect or just a bit of low cloud!

I only met two other people all afternoon. A chat with Sheila from Aberdeen at the top of the hill, and a passing comment to another female walker on the way down the track. I met up with Sheila again plodding back into Braemar.

A decision has to be made this week about boots for the Challenge. I'm tending towards wearing the AKUs at the moment even though they are quite worn at the toes. They are very comfortable and after treatment with some extra waterproofing haven't leaked again.

Meantime my route is all vetted for the Challenge (thanks Bert) and my kit list is almost complete.

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mike knipe said...

I can see my TGO route on that photo. It looks a bit too much like Peebles for my liking....