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Thursday, 14 January 2010


Well this is the tenth post I've made. So to celebrate I thought I'd mention a few of the 'walking gear' items I've bought in the past year which have pleased me most.

MSR Hubba Tent
I bought this tent for the TGO Challenge 2009. I had a great deal of difficulty actually getting it from the guy in the US who'd sold it to me on ebay. First of all it got lost in the French postal system and returned to him. Then when I did receive a parcel from him in Scotland it wasn't the one-man tent but the bigger version. As he had a customer waiting for it I had to send it back to him and finally (after about 2 months) I took delivery of the correct tent....

And I love it. There's quite a bit of headroom, and a good porch. It's a bit drafty but that means I've never had a condensation problem. I don't suppose it's as bomb proof as the Akto but I love having kit that no one else has!

{Photo of my MSR tent}

It weighs around 1.3 kilos with footprint added but folds up well and is easy to carry on the rucksack. It looks a bit wrinkly in the photo but it had just survived a night of heavy rain so the fly is very wet.

The yellow colour means it's always sunny inside!

My only real criticism is that it comes with only 6 lightweight pegs which is one short of adequate. In fact I usually carry some extra v-shaped pegs for the guy lines and I lost one of the original pegs at Borlum Farm Campsite during the Challenge.

Boxit Waterproof Phone Case
This is my second bit of star kit.  I was fed up with having to pocket my phone when it rained. The addition of Viewranger to my Nokia meant that I was going to use it for a GPS so I needed to be able to keep it dry.

After much umming and aaing I found this.  It looks a bit clunky but fits onto my rucksack strap a treat and has a soft goretex front so I can push the buttons without having to take it out. So far I'm quite pleased with it. The one in the photo is black but mine's a clear version.
{Photo of a Boxit Phone case}

Mountain King Trail Blaze
These were bought for my birthday by Him Indoors who was fed up with me complaining about my other walking poles. Mountain King very kindly made them a bit shorter for me as I found the 110 cm of their standard poles a bit long.

I've used them since September and I'm very pleased with them. They're also a gorgeous magenta colour - mmmmm! 

They're exceeding easy to pack into luggage for travelling and into my rucksack when I don't need them. I haven't tried them with a heavy pack yet but I can foresee no problems.

I only have two small complaints about them. First the rubber endies wore through the first day I used them on a tarmac track for about 3 kms and secondly now I've put the rubber round thingies on they don't fold up as small as they did without them.

{Photo of Trail Blaze poles (without baskets)}

Right that's it for now - although there's still loads of gear I could write about - I'll stop now before it gets too boring........................


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, thanks! That tent looks interesting--I hope to see it in the flesh next time--and the phone cover is a very good idea.

For some reason I got the word 'tenth' stuck in my mind when I began to read your post, and thought you were going to mention 10 items. I was most disappointed when you stopped after 3! Any more out there? *g*

Laura said...

There's a whole house full................