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Friday, 15 January 2010

Flying visit..........

John has some meetings back in the UK so we're both going to get on the EasyPeasy Jet from Marseille to Gatwick next Tuesday (19th January).

I don't usually go back with him - preferring to stay here and do a bit of x-country skiing or walking (depending on the time of year) on my own. This time it seemed a good opportunity to catch up with my sisters and mum who all live quite near to Gatwick in Chessington.

Chessington was where I lived when I was small. I can remember hearing the lions roaring at night in the Zoo - now it's called Chessington World of Adventures. I even worked in the Zoo when I was a teenager - serving coffees in the restaurant just beside the elephant enclosure - earning 1s 11/2d an hour. If you were late by even a minute you lost an hour's wage! Thankfully it was only a holiday job.

I haven't worked out how to put a picture link for YouTube yet but if you click below you can watch a film about Chessington Zoo in 1964!

After I've stayed a couple of days with my sister I'm going up to Yorkshire. Then we'll spend the weekend with our daughter. It'll be great to see my little grandson again.

Monday afternoon should see us swimming in the pool at a hotel near Gatwick. Sounds posh but it was cheap! The Hairy-plane leaves first thing on Tuesday so we should be back here by teatime. Hooray!

I can't decide whether to carry my computer or not - baggage is such a hassle on flights now I may be tempted to leave it behind.  That means probably no posts from me for a week...............unless I change my mind!

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