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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Slainte Mhath.................(Cheers)...........

Received an email yesterday reminding me that the Speyside Whisky Festival opens its books for reservations in a couple of days - I'll put the link in this post so anyone else who might be interested can read up about it. I did a couple of the walks last year which were good - a nip of Speyside malt at the summit very welcome!


On the subject of whisky - visiting a French supermarket is interesting. First of all good single malt is in general CHEAPER here than in Scotland. Secondly our French neighbours can't really tell the difference between a single malt and a bog standard mixed whisky - they tend to drink both with large lumps of ice or even coke! Finally a trip to the supermarket shelves reveals some wonderful labels - Glen Kilt or Glen Rangers etc.

It's a sure way to charm the local Maire - offer him an evening drinking whisky!

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