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Saturday, 3 September 2011

A wet one..............

Despite the wonky steering on my bike, I planned a short excursion for us today. It was our own version of a triathlon - three events - a bit of biking, a long lunch, then shopping (only for food though, this time).

It being Saturday - it's our 'eat what you like' day - with no holds barred.

The biking was held up a short time while Him Indoors tried to fix the wonkiness of my steering - after the re-assembling of the stem and handle bars it seemed a bit better - well, if not, I'd soon get used to it! We generally faffed around, getting dressed up in the appropriate gear, then put the bikes on the van so we could drive them down to somewhere flat to start........

By this time the sky was a bit heavy and there were some dark clouds lurking above the mountain tops. Fortunately it was still very warm. Setting off along a bumpy stony track was followed by a tip-toe (not easy carrying a bike) across a rather deep stream, and then more bumpiness until we reached the road. At which point the rain came down.

{Maybe not a good day to choose for a bike ride!}

Our objective was a little lake and the restaurant beside it, at Roche de Rame. Viewranger told me it was nearly 7 kms from where we started and more importantly, where we'd left the van. In good weather this lake beside the road is busy with sunbathers, paddlers, pedalos, and children playing.

{Deserted lake at Roche de Rame}

At the restaurant hiding under a large umbrella were a few customers and quite a few empty tables. We bagged one and ordered lunch. Still the rain came down, I could see it bouncing off the surface of the lake and dripping off the edge of the umbrella.

{Rain bouncing off the lake...
and the restaurant tables}

We had nearly ordered a second coffee each when the rain lessened and the sky looked a bit brighter. No more putting off the second leg of the biking. This time we stayed on the road most of the way back. Each lorry or car left us a bit wetter. My bike didn't handle too well on the wet road surface, and what with the wild steering I was relieved to get back to the van in one piece. Phew!

The shopping was uneventful but necessary.....

{John's lunch wins - mine was only a pizza!}

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