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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

At last.............

As you can see, we're back from our camping trip. I haven't downloaded the photos from my camera yet - in fact, I've barely even started on the accumulated washing of a week away from home!

We didn't go too far away. Just about an hour's driving took us into the western part of the Hautes Alpes, staying on camp sites, mostly along the Buech valley. There are beautiful wooded hills and rocky escarpments with a few towns and villages perched up on those hillsides. Alternate days were spent walking (not very far, too hot) or biking (not very far, steering too wonky).

The post before this one was sent from my mobile phone so I was relieved to see it had arrived, with the photo too.  I meant to send more but the next campsite we stayed in had no Wi-Fi connection.

{Typical old village houses in Veynes}

The picture above was taken on my phone and I had originally intended to send it via blogger. These old houses were built up on the hillside, with no internal staircases. The bottom cellar area was where the animals were kept, and people lived on the upper levels. You can just see some of the old stone steps used to walk from one level to another. The houses here have been renovated but manage to retain the character of the original buildings.

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