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Friday, 16 September 2011

On hold.............

{One of many signposts - not all so helpful as this one}

Earlier this week I failed to complete my tour of the lake. I have about 3 days left to do, maybe 4, but circumstances have changed a little, so the rest of it will have to be done later. I did start a walk from Chorges but about 7 kms along, had to give up and phone for an early pick up.

{Looking down on Chorges}

First of all we set out rather late in the morning to have lunch as before. Then I would walk to the pick-up point. However, things didn't really go according to plan. Our neighbours engaged us in conversation as we were leaving so that delayed us for more than another half an hour. Then it took longer than usual to get to Chorges and we couldn't find a parking space near the start of my path. Eventually we had lunch beside a little church, and it was after 1.30 before I started walking.

It was hot. Very hot. Then I got a bit mislaid. A stupid mistake, which I should have spotted earlier, took me to the top of a hill instead of round the side of it. Finally, I reached the first village I was aiming for, worked out my times, and it was going to take too long. So I bailed out.....by taking the road back down to the start of my walk. I managed just over 10 kms but I was very tired. Thinking back, I hadn't slept well for a couple of nights and felt rather dehydrated. I'm ok now.

Next week, starting tomorrow, I'm leading some walks in Provence, based at Malaucene. I'll try and post some photos and a bit of a blog, but I'm not sure of the WiFi connection, so that may not be possible.

{Pillar at the top of the Col d'Izoard}

Today, we went up to the Col d'Izoard. Disappointingly the little museum of cycling is still not open. There is a wooden shack that has a few souvenirs and snacks for sale.

{Col d'Izoard souvenirs on sale}

We had lunch at the Refuge on the way down to Briancon and then a short walk to explore some of the little paths. The views are spectacular from here.

{View of the day - from the rocky path opposite the Refuge}

So I'm all packed and ready to go................


Louise said...

Have fun!

Alan R said...

It's certainly a beautiful place to walk Laura.Lovely photo's.
Neighbours eh!