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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Which sleeping bag............part 3

Looking at the length of the Tundra sleeping bag I have my eye on it seemed too long for me. It didn't take me long hunting on the net to find an email address for them. So I took a chance and emailed to see if they could make a bag slightly shorter for me.

Response this morning - YES, THEY CAN - and it won't cost anything extra! It'll take about 3 weeks (no problem) although I haven't worked out the details of how it happens yet. The short version of the Pure -5 will be for someone 180 cms tall so as I'm not even 160 cms, it should be fine. That's customer service for you!

As you can imagine, I'm quite excited now.



-maria- said...

That's good news!

It was the same for my Cumulus sleeping bag (also filled with Polish goose down) - they don't advertise any shorter models, but make them on request. And the delivery time is the same 3 weeks (now 1 week behind, only 2 to go!)

It's good that there still is customer service for us under 160 cm tall (short?) :)

Louise said...

Excellent stuff Laura, now you'll be snug and have a lighter/roomier pack! Don't you just love internet shopping?

Laura said...

Hi Maria - us short folk have to stick together! I thought a bag that was 220cms long was silly - I'd be carrying an extra bit I don't need!

Louise - YES! I'll be all set for a camping practice when I get home at the beginning of April.