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Friday, 21 May 2010

Abrupt finish.................

I'm writing this in Yorkshire - my 3rd Challenge having been cut short by the sudden illness of my daughter. She's expecting her second baby and has probable appendicitis. Not good news!

She and baby bump are currently in the Hull Royal Infirmary on heavy doses of anti-biotics.

I only got the mobile phone messages on Wednesday morning at 6 am as I was staying at the Whitebridge Hotel. This was an unscheduled stop-over and I ought to have been in a tent about 5 miles further on beside the River E.

By some fluke of fate my feet had been really painful on Tuesday and I'd delayed my start from Fort Augustus until after lunch. Otherwise I would not have received the messages!

So thanks go to Sarah at the Whitebridge Hotel who took me into Inverness to meet my husband so we could rush southwards in the van.  I'm very grateful for her help.

I did enjoy the five days that I walked - meeting, walking, and camping with some old and new friends. When I get back home I'll post up some of my diary and a few photos.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

Sorry for your daughter, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you all.

There will be another Challenge. We will meet again.


Louise said...

So sorry to hear your daughter is ill, it's must be a worrying time for you. I hope all goes well.