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Thursday, 11 February 2010


.............of words associated with downhill skiing.

The Piste

(This has nothing to do with alcohol!)
The snow is smoothed and manicured by a machine called a 'piste basher'. In the Alps it is usually done in the evening enabling the snow to 'set' over night ready for the next day's skiing.


This is often found after the piste basher has groomed the piste.
It is worth noting though that if it is early in the day it may well be like skiing on corrugated iron!
If the snow has softened it is magic to ski on.

(I dedicated a whole post about this in January.)

The Ski Lift

To get up the hill. Sometimes it's a chair lift.
This is a 'poma' or button lift. The skier stands and is 'pushed' up the hill.

Learning how to do this occupies quite a lot of a beginner's day.


A different way downhill!
Some snowboarders seem to spend a lot of time sitting on the snow in the middle of the piste (as in the photo!) Often there is a group, which I come across without much warning below a blind summit!
Of course if I was younger (and fitter) I might have a try on a snowboard.

(I had a friend who wanted a snowboard for Christmas but when she opened the parcel discovered it was an ironing board instead!)

Death Cookies

Best avoided at all costs - these are hard balls of snow or more often icy lumps left by the piste machine as it goes up hill.
It is virtually impossible to turn your skis on these.

The Carpark

Tempting as it may look to ski back to the car - forget it!
A mixture of salt, grit and tarmac is not good for the skis!
Or you!

Warning Signs

From time to time you come across signs at the side of the piste.
If you need a translation (this one is 'cliff') the picture tells the story!

Last but not least...................

Lunch time!

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Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful out there, though I confess I almost left when I read that the posting contained no reference at all to alcohol...