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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I'm back.............

Back in the Alps! I felt a great relief to leave dreary Britain and head out on the HairyJet again!

There were one or two dodgy moments at the airport though. Mostly related to the frozen (well by this morning 'part' frozen haggis(es))  in my suitcase!

First, the outside of my case kept getting frosted by the cold from inside.

Second, the security check at the airport did not go too well. I was stopped and the baggage thoroughly searched.  I expect the two turnips (swedes) were a bit of a surprise  - but it was their fault the x-ray machine beeped. 

Anyway, no harm done, we were all allowed to fly.

Getting into Marseille in bright sunshine - although not very warm - was rather pleasing. Eventually we arrived here in the mountains but I fear we have brought (or brung as some would say!) the poor weather with us.  A very strong cold wind is blowing outside.

Never mind. The haggis are in the freezer again. (I'm sure they're tough enough for a second freeze.)  And the neeps are in the vegetable rack despite their brush with the law. 

More about my trip tomorrow..............

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Anonymous said...

Very sensible!

Are the neeps allowed to travel, then? I'm never sure of the rules in relation to taking food from place to place. I haven't got a clue, in fact.