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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Getting Started...................

Welcome to my new blog (well my only blog!) - I'm discovering how hard it is to get started with this. I'm so enjoying reading other blogs that I felt moved to start my own...........We'll have to wait and see how it develops.

Currently I'm in the Alps - watching the rain gradually wash away all the recent snow we've had. The sky is so misty I can't see the mountains. More importantly it's so wet that I'm reluctant to go out at all.

Today is Christmas Eve.
I'm cooking soup for dinner tomorrow. It's going to be Carrot, Lemon & Ginger (I hope!).
All the other food, veggies, the turkey etc is cooling down in the garage (no more room in the fridge for now!)

I maybe should explain a bit about me. I'm a vegetarian but have a family who all eat meat so I do cook it for others. I've been vegetarian for nearly 40 years and it suits me very well.
I love to be outdoors. I have done since I was small. One of my earliest memories is of making mud pies in my Nan's garden. I had a lovely doll's pram which I used as a wheelbarrow for the pies. And I hated dolls.

Here in the Alps we bought a house so we could stay and ski all winter now that we're retired. I also discovered wonderful hiking routes for the summer. Winters in Scotland had become just wet and miserable - much like some of the summers.
Although for a long time we supported and enjoyed skiing in Scotland (mostly at Glenshee) the change in the climate meant fewer and fewer days which it was possible.

I have three children. My eldest son works in Canada as a ski coach. My only daughter is married, living in Yorkshire and works managing indoor ski slopes.  My youngest son lives in Zurich where he works for FIFA Films. I have a gorgeous (of course) grandson in Yorkshire who is 3 years old already.

That's probably enough for today............


Anonymous said...

Whooohoooo! First comment, I hope!

I'm so glad you've started a blog, and what a great start it is! Very attractive page, and an excellent avatar.

What are you having for Christmas dinner? I do eat meat (as long as it's had a happy life and death) so I'm having turkey, but I'm making a vegetarian roulade (with cheese, parsnip pure, sage, blah-de-blah) for my sister. A Delia creation.

Oh! And I hated dolls too... *g*

Welcome to the world of blogging!

Laura said...

OOOOH! You're probably my first visitor and my first comment - this is fun!
As for Christmas dinner I always have Roast Potatoes, Sprouts, Parsnip Gratin, Chestnut & Cashew Roast. Sadly this year no Cranberries can be found in French supermarket so it'll be Spiced Red Cabbage (which is already made.)
I have just noticed the time clock isn't right - I'll have to investigate that........

Anonymous said...

Parsnip gratin sounds lovely! Recipe? My parsnips were burned this year :( The chestnut and cashew roast sounds scrummy too. I love spiced red cabbage. Hungry again...

Andy Howell said...

Welcome to the world of plodding bloggers Laura!

Just keep going!