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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas behind me now..............

Christmas is now over - for another year!

This is my second post and just as hard as the first to decide what to put down.  I'm obviously not a natural at this writing lark.

Matthew came down from Zurich for Christmas here. It was a very enjoyable two days. We skied during the day on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day then staggered back so the boys could collapse and I could cook their dinner! However the weather co-operated as did the old knees and all went well.

What to do with all the left overs? I could make vast amounts of soup but the two of us can only eat so much and I have one of the world's smallest freezers.

I desperately wanted to x-country ski today on our way back from delivering Matt back to the train station at Oulx but even I had to concede that minus 8 was a bit too cold for comfort. I managed a quick walk down to the bins with some of the debris from Christmas instead.

Had a great time playing with my new camera yesterday. Christmas presents come in two guises - the things people insist you tell them you want and the things they would like for themselves but give to you. In this case it was probably the latter but John (sometimes known as Him Indoors) actually surprised me this time and I love it. I did get it stuck on a multi-shot mode for a while (30 shots in a second.....) but I've worked out how to take one picture at a time now. Here's one..........

I also got what I asked for - a lovely Thermarest Neoair mattress - can't wait to use it. I was fed up with my old camping self-inflating mat (which despite my blowing it up to help it) still wasn't comfortable. My hip seemed to stick into the ground whichever position I laid in.

Now I'm all ready if my number comes up for the TGO Challenge next May.


Anonymous said...

The Christmas skiing sounds blissful! What sort of camera did you get? Great picture! That mattress was a good investment. You *will* be on the Challenge next May :)

Laura said...

Hi there - I think you're still my only reader... Camera is a Casio EX-FS10 - very slim and easy to carry (unlike me!).

John J said...

Shirl is most certainly NOT your only reader!

Glad to hear all is going well in foreign parts, -8degC is almost as cold as we've had it here - eh Shirl?

Best wishes,


mike knipe said...

Nope, there's nobody here. Just us mice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

seems you're getting a crowd now.

Very nice to see your blog, Oh and Best wishes, not only for may but for the whole of 2010.


from the snowy Netherlands