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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

All in the mix.........

The weather here is mixed - much like it is in the UK at the moment. It's been warmer than usual for January although plenty of snow in the mountains its high water content has led to some high avalanche warnings for the whole area of the Alps.

{Storm bound}

{Last week - skies are blue and the snow perfect}

I've begun to settle into a regular programme. Downhill skiing on Friday and over the weekend when John is here and cross country efforts for some of the other days of the week. Wednesdays are reserved for cross country expeditions with my neighbour Christiane.

{Christane - first across the road at Pelvoux}

The downhill is going well - the pistes are well looked after and my new skis seem to make turns all on their own!

The cross country has been mixed too. As most of the prepared trails are in the valleys the snow has been a bit icy and sometimes soft and sticky. There has been some falling over and one such tumble resulted in a nicely bruised knee!

{Heavy clouds moving away}

Yesterday the sun eventually came through the clouds which were left over after a stormy night. Skiing seemed a step too far so I decided to walk along the river Durance. John had told me there was a new trail, signposted for bikes, towards St. Crepin.

I had lunch first and lazily drove down to the car park at the bottom of the hill.

Much of the night's snow was melting or melted and the path was muddy, icy, and slushy in places, but pleasant beside the river.

{Photo taken on the way back - shows typical condition of the path!}

I was searching for a new bridge which John said was after the camp site. The path continued but I couldn't see a bridge. The sun having dropped behind the mountain by then, I turned back and retraced my steps.

{Passing through the Municipal camp site}

{No sign of a bridge here!}

My Sorel snow boots have developed a problem with the zips. I have had them for about 10 years so I've replaced them with some winter Keen boots called Revels. These have an insulated sole. I'm finding them extremely useful and comfortable. They're great for general use in winter weather and for walking in snow. When I get round to it they'll be good for snowshoeing too! They have a hook at the front to attach gaiters - very practical. I used them yesterday for the walk along the riverside. Despite plunging my feet into deep slushy snow and puddles they didn't leak.

{The fishing ponds at the car park- closed for winter}

{Best view of the day - looking back towards the car park}


Louise said...

You droved! And had dry, cosy feet, we like. As for throwing yourself on the floor, NO!!! You can stop that.

Laura said...

Ok - droved - ! Edited now!

Louise said...

If I tried to edit all the typos you find in mine, it could take a while!