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Monday, 15 April 2013

Gelder Shiel for lunch....

Despite the weather forecast telling me there would be rain, the sun shone quite warmly. There was a strong wind though. However, if I'm going to get fit enough to complete the Challenge this year, I have to brave the elements. No problem today then, even the sky was blue for a while.

My other problem is a blister under my big toenail on my left foot. Why this has happened I am not sure - but it is quite painful as it keeps hitting the top of my boot. I wrapped the toe up to protect it and wore some cosy merino socks then walked fairly gently, trying not to hobble too much.

I thought that going downhill might be the most problematic so I chose a more or less flat walk out and back to Gelder Shiel, taking my lunch.

{A lot of snow-melt in the River Dee} 

The warm air had removed almost all the snow that had been lying last week. I could hear the River bouncing along well before I reached the bridge.

Apart from the strong gusts of wind which occasionally threw up a tiny bird above me struggling to fly, the walk was quite uneventful and I reached the bothy easily.

{Inside the bothy}

I sat inside to eat my lunch and listened to the wind howling around outside while I read the bothy book. It's a cold place so I didn't stay very long.

{Outside looking towards the Lochnagar corrie}

{Looking back towards Balmoral}

I walked a little way past the buildings to the burn which was in full spate. The ground was wet and there were still some snow drifts, now melting in the sun.

{Best view of the day}

My toe didn't feel too bad but I decided not to push it and started walking back again. A loud 'plop' in the ditch was probably a frog in the mud but I wasn't quick enough to see it clearly.

{A VERY bad photo of some frog-spawn}

There was frog-spawn in the ditch - the first of the year.

Back home, Viewranger says I walked just under 14 km which isn't bad with a sore toe!


Alan R said...

Lovely walk and photos Laura. Hope you popped that blister and put some surgical spirit on it.
Good to see the training is going well. Have you bought the anchor for the tent yet.ha

Louise said...

Sounds rather lovely! Better than my stroll in a dust storm. Nurse the toe!

Laura said...

Toe has been well pampered - thanks Louise!
Unfortunately the blister is under my toenail but I've been soaking my foot in salt water......that's probably too much information.....