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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Releasing disappointment......

It's probably just not my year - 2012. Along with all the other small disappointments comes another - I'm on the TGO Challenge Standby list for 2013. My number (46) puts me in that grey zone between definitely gaining a place and not getting one.

I haven't given up though. I do have another plan up my sleeve.

I'm investigating a couple of weeks next May on the South West Coast Path - possibly the stretch from Minehead to Lands End would suit me well. Coastal walking, with its ups and downs, along with history, wildlife and plenty of interesting places to visit, appeals to me. I'm led to believe some wild camping spots can be found.

My family originates from the south west of England - both sides of the family - as remarkably, my parents discovered they were related to each other. I believe their great-grandmothers were sisters and there is a family story that one of the girls left home and travelled to London on the back of a hay wagon.

I even have a couple of links with Minehead itself. Him Indoors and I first met there at Butlin's. He was at University and had taken a holiday job - I had arrived for a long weekend with a group of friends, gone into the holiday camp on a day pass and stayed for a few days extra! There was some Scrumpy involved.....

A long time later I discovered John's parents had their honeymoon in Minehead. That's just one of those bizarre co-incidences.

So I'm keeping my walking legs exercised with local weekly walks (on Fridays) and meeting up with Louise from time to time. The weather has been yo-yo-ing madly from sunny/cold to wet/windy - sometimes on the same day, so there has been mostly MUD every time.

{Following the group on the Ballogie Estate}

{Following Louise on a Balmoral Estate walk}

And we also followed the Scotland rugby team to Murrayfield for their match against New Zealand. That was less successful..............and another disappointment!


John J said...

I walked the section of SW Coastal Path from Bude to Newquay (75 miles over 4 days) earlier this year, it was the hardest walk I've ever done - so much up and down and very little flat.

I was only carrying a day sack, it would have taken much longer with full kit.

You never know, you may just get on the Challenge!


Phreerunner said...

It's muddy down here as well Laura. The SWCP is a lovely route. We did it over many years on a B&B basis, finishing it just after this year's Challenge. We've met quite a few backpackers who said they had found suitable nooks and crannies for their tents.

Alan Sloman said...

We're all keeping our fingers crossed for you, Missy!

Louise said...

My comment disappeared!
The only way is up :-)
I have a new gel cover for my phone.
It's purple!!
See you soon Lxx

Laura said...

I hope you're right JJ - the SWCP is beginning to look a real 'challenge'!
Perhaps I'll aim for just getting as far as I can in two weeks and then go back for more later....

I'd welcome any info on good places to stay Martin as I'll possibly not camp every night.

Ooooh! Louise - purple is GOOD!

Alan R said...

I hope you get on the Chally Laura. There's time yet.
If it doesn't happen then i'm sure the weather in the SW will be good.

Phreerunner said...

I'll email you next week, Laura.
May is a good time to go - the flowers are lovely.