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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Walking the Line.......Day 3

We spent a rather 'rocky' night, with a strong wind blowing across the beach, at New Aberdour. There was a visit to the Co-op at Strichen for picnic lunch items and then I set off to walk to Fraserburgh. John and I planned to meet up around about 2 pm and eat our lunch together.

The day was sunny although there was still a bit of wind about, but perfect for walking. Leaving Strichen there was a much better view of the White Horse on Mormond Hill.

{Strichen's White Horse}

Along the way I was ambushed by many small tortoiseshell butterflies - no photos I'm afraid. Each one would land on the path in front of me and then flutter away before I could get the camera organised. At one point they were joined by some red-bodied dragonflies.

The bramble bushes at the site of Lonmay Station had delicious ripe berries ready for me to eat.

{Blackberries at Lonmay}

After our picnic lunch John headed back to Fraserburgh and I continued on, the track becoming straighter and flatter as it headed towards Fraserburgh. I resisted the temptation to make steam-train noises as I strolled along; the town ahead never seeming to get much closer. The same view (without the prominent Tesco store!) would have been seen by the train's passengers.

{Outskirts of Fraserburgh}

Verdict: Just as I had hoped, the walk was very enjoyable although flat (as railway lines tend to be). Great views across the Aberdeenshire countryside and a really interesting history lesson.

My poorly shoulder ached a bit at the end of each day but didn't object too much to the actual walking.


Louise said...

How very lovely and gentle. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

thanks again for a fine report. Spare your shoulder though. I would like to see you on the Challenge again. On the subject of walking with history. I just finished reading "Land of the Lost" by Robert Smith, about the lost townships of the n Orth East. Some very fin chapters on Deeside and even Crathie. A lot of inspiration for more exploration of Aberdeenshire.


Louise said...

...Didn't have you down as a Johnny Cash fan though...
;-D Lxx