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Monday, 17 September 2012

Good and bad.......

The last week or so have bought good and bad things this way.

The good were two gorgeous sunny days walking. The first; a day out with the Aboyne Walkers. A very sociable walk around Loch Callater and lunch in the sun at the bothy.

{Lunch in the sun}

{Heading round the Loch}

The very next day Louise and I organised ourselves a spectacular sunny day, with roaring stags and wonderful views, ending with coffee and cake - what more could a girl ask for??? Louise's walk report makes good reading and can be found here.

{Wonderful views}

{Louise - at the top!}

Sadly these two good days were followed by some bad news.........the broken bones in my shoulder are not healing very quickly, which is why I still can't lift my arm and there is still quite a lot of pain from time to time!

On a brighter note, I've entered the Challenge for next year............

1 comment:

Louise said...

Cracking walking, (thanks for the plug x

Your arm is pants! Still, fingers crossed you'll perhaps begin to see more improvement now.

Well done on the application, we'll get you there!!

Take care x