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Monday, 25 June 2012

Sitting it out......

Inevitably my daily exercise now consists of moving from one seat to another, not too far away. 

I have been able to reduce the painkillers which were making me feel a bit disconnected and dozy. The one handed typing is improving, as you can see....

There are some surprisingly difficult things to do with my left hand. I've always been very right-sided. Apart from some obvious things (!) I find brushing my teeth awkward. Also, eating yoghurt from a small pot, blowing my nose and reading a magazine strangely hard to do. Shoes are easy with slip-on sandals and crocs.

Of course the most fun is my long hair! Him Indoors doesn't like it much anyway and I could see a glint in his eye when I mused aloud about possibly having to have it cut short. Having a shower means 20 minutes of him struggling to tie the hair up into a plastic cap. I have to keep making encouraging noises and not show any frustration.

{A favourite seat outside}

Sleeping at night also means sitting but with the aid of some old quilts and 4 pillows that is, so far, not too bad.

So now I'm beginning to look forward to a trip to the supermarket!


Louise said...

I had wondered about the hair. Go on, do it! You know you want to. All the best girls have short hair!!

You're sounding quite bright about things, good for you. Relaxing in the sun can't be so bad.

John J said...

Well do you want the good news? (There IS good news...honest):

Brushing your teeth using your other hand helps improve your neural pathways ....you're less likely to lose your marbles!

And don't even THINK about chopping your hair. Not that you would :-)


Alan R said...

The photo looks good so i’m glad you are feeling a bit better. Take care.