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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Problem solved..........................

Try to imagine - hours of relentless rain, gusts of wind over 80 m.p.h., the wild tangle of heather moorland all around,  - oh, and mile after mile of PEAT BOG....................

Here's what we need......................

Ultreïa Rando hiking trailer

The Ultreïa Rando hiking trailer can be partially taken apart in 1 minute and completely dismantled in 5 minutes.

It allows you to carry up to 30 kg with ease.

The ideal load to have on you is 2 kg around your belt (no more, no less).

This adjustment is done by balancing the load over the axle or by adjusting the reinforcing rod over the axle ( 3 adjustments possible, to provide you with the perfect balance. Patented technique).

The 2 carrying arms are also adjustable width-wise so as to suit all waist sizes. There are 3 widths.

Using a snap hook, they clip onto a belt which can be adjusted to 2 positions (fastening at the middle of the waist or further behind).

Delivered with a black plastic shield to protect against the rain and mud.

The hiking trailer is made in France.

25 and 30 mm diameter tube made out of aluminium and steel.

315 mm-diameter wheel made out of semi-soft rubber for comfort, stability and quiet when you are on the move.

The trailer can be quickly taken apart.

The carrying arms are adjustable.

The weight over the axle can be adjusted.

The trailer is lightweight: 6.70 kg

5-year guarantee

Just thought I'd share this with you!...............could be the latest craze...............!!


John J said...

Good stuff! There's a chap (I think a member of the Backpacker's Club) who has fabricated something similar but with slightly larger diameter wheels that don't get bogged down too much.

In 2011 whilst walking the WHW (as a warm-up, immediately before the Challenge) I came across two fine gentlemen doing the same walk, they used baby buggies to transport their kit - tents and all. They had a grand time and have the (relatively) pain-free knees to prove it!


Alan Sloman said...

Pete MacFarlane wrote about a Dutch version of one of these a year or so back and really liked it. He's dragged his around the Cairngorms.

His version was much more expensive though and could be converted to a backpack for scrambly sections of your walk or river crossings.

Laura said...

Thanks both, it was the clean, calm, level and dry character of the promo photos that had me giggling!
Your links are interesting Al, confirms my thoughts about dragging a trolley behind me on any walk, especially the river crossings! Not to mention the price!!

Alan R said...

When i start to think this is a good idea will be day i give up walking. I hope that's a very long time off.
Its not April 1 is it?

Laura said...

No - but it's what you find on the web after taking copious amounts of painkiller!