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Monday, 11 June 2012

Les Demoiselles.....again....

A longish journey this time to get out to the Alps. On the way we visited the family south of London, and then had a thoroughly good time at a friend's daughter's wedding near Geneva, finally arriving here in the middle of last week.

The weather is very mixed, much like it was at home before we left. A day of sunshine was promised for Saturday so having spent a couple of days unloading the van, washing the dirty clothes and re-organising the contents of the wardrobes, we set off to have lunch and a small walk down by the lake at Savines.

We took a couple of hours in the afternoon to re-visit the ladies with the fancy hair-do's. (See here)  Now there is no ice and snow there is a pleasant walk up to view them on a well-made stony track. It's only about   400 metres to the viewpoint and there are story boards on the way up.

{This one is hollow in the centre - a result of weathering}

{This group have quite an 'alien' appearance}

Over the next couple of weeks I hope to complete the tour around the lake that I started last summer. The last walk for that project will be to get to the top of the Pic de Morgon which looms over Savines. Then as a finale I would like to take the boat-ride along the lake. The boat leaves from just below Savines so going there for our lunch got me thinking about these plans...........

{The view from the bottom of the path}

{Looking up the hill from the little car-park}

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