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Friday, 6 April 2012

More Millau trip............

I'm still waiting for the weather to settle and all the nasty wet slush to go so I can get out on the longer walks I had planned for this week. Otherwise I'll be doing the training for the TGO Challenge at the same time as the Challenge......

There are two separate weeks of leading for HF on the cards before May - both in Northumberland based at Alnmouth. It would be great if some sunny days came along for the coastal walking - the beaches are stunning in good weather. I've been doing some 'homework' and have been reading a very informative book about the Border Reivers. I hope some of the information sticks so I can pass it on to the guests!

I've sorted out my photos now from the trip we took to see the Millau Viaduct so I'm going to post a few here to help pass the time............

The route took us through the Cote du Rhone region with vast vineyards on both sides of the road.

{A strange roundabout with giant wine bottle corks near Valreas}

{Cirque de Navacelles - I 'borrowed' this photo}

On our way back from Millau we visited an enormous natural hole in the ground called the Cirque de Navacelles. Without really planning to, we drove along the really steep and narrow road which leads down into the Gorge. There, we had a wander and a picnic. Some of the trees were in blossom and were full of butterflies including several swallowtails. An amazing place and obviously inhabited for many centuries despite the difficulties of access. My photos don't really give a good sense of the vastness of the steep sides to this valley so I found the above picture which tells the story better than I could.

{Photo of the old village which has steep cobbled streets}

{My photo of the road into the Cirque taken on our way back out!}

The complete medieval village of la Couvertoirade was a highlight of the trip - especially as we came upon it quite by accident. We camped in the visitors' carpark overnight so we could take the walk around the ancient ramparts the next morning. It was a real treat. The village seemed to be frozen in time so it was almost like being in a time-machine!

{The first view over the ramparts}

{Walking above the roof tops}

{Photo taken while walking around the village alleyways}

The Millau Viaduct was equally amazing although it had the appearance, even close up, of being one of those 'architect's impressions'.

{The Viaduct from underneath}

{Photo taken while driving across the Viaduct}

When actually driving across the Viaduct on the autoroute it's hard to understand the scale of the structure. It is quite a feat of engineering and even though it does seem rather alien to the landscape it sits in, it certainly has a beauty of its own.

{Photo taken from the official viewpoint}


Louise said...

I am loving that roundabout! More appropriate to the area than some of the strange creations I've seen in Scotland.

You're quite right about the viaduct, it has a really unusual quality, just like an artists impression.

Alan Sloman said...

I *do* like your blog, Laura. Its like seeing the Doctor's holiday slide show in the Village Hall, without all the wittering village ladies to contend with.
Not long now...
Bet your as fit as a flea after all that ski-ing.