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Saturday, 7 January 2012

The wind factor................

We took our sandwiches and our ski stuff to Arvieux. The sky had cleared and it was looking promising. At the almost empty carpark we hesitated - it looked a bit chilly and there were snow-devils.......not a good sign! So we ate our lunch without getting out of the van.

Lunch over - a decision had to be made. While I pretended to get my boots and helmet on, John went round the corner to look at the pistes. He soon returned; it was so windy he felt it was trying to rip his jacket off his back. I stopped pretending to put on my stuff, and got back in the van. Door firmly shut again, we decided to go and have a wee walk instead. You're dealing with fair weather skiers here!

We drove through thick spindrift and more snow-devils back to Embrun. A walk round a frozen plan d'eau seemed to fit the bill. Looking up to the mountains it appeared they were on fire, there was so much snow lifting in the wind. These are quite unusual conditions for the mountains here - although quite familiar in the Scottish hills.

{Plan d'eau at Embrun with Les Orres in the distance}

We completed the loop around the lake and then went to get a hot chocolate at the supermarket cafe.

The good news today is that my TGOC route has been vetted. I've had favourable comments from my vetter, Ian Shiel. He's also given me a couple of bits of information which I didn't have about the route I've chosen. Thank you, Ian!


Alan Sloman said...

Our Vetters have an enormous bank of experience that can be drawn upon. They are also wonderfully warm and generous with their time and comments.
They provide a wonderful service.

Laura said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Al. Given that they more than likely see more or less the same routes (and the same faults) over and over again they are very patient and friendly about it.