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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Finding a good pillow...................

No matter how tired I am I usually have trouble sleeping in my tent after a day's walking. I think I've tracked the problem down to not having a good pillow.

I have tried resting my head on my rucksack (not so good when it's been a wet day) or on my spare clothes in a stuff sack and even on my jacket wrapped around other stuff sacks from my rucksack.

Nothing seems to work.

The problem is it all moves about too much.

I'm considering trying an inflatable cushion type pillow.  I expect I would still have to wrap a fleece around it to make it comfortable for my head. I tend to sleep on my side or my front - both a bit difficult in a sleeping bag but possible!

Does anyone have a good system they could tell me about?


David A said...

Mind your Velez Trews if scrambling or on rocky hills Laura. I've a hole in one of my Velez knees after going up the Grey Corries last year!

Can't help regarding pillow, but will be interested to hear what you decide anh successful it is.

Alan Sloman said...

A topic close to my heart! I struggled for years until I found Bob & Rose's very own pillow that they make themselves.
You can find it HERE
It's a cotton and foam pouch that is soft and nice on your face. I tuck my Chally fleece inside it - and then tuck the whole thing into the hood of my sleeping bag and pull the hood draw-string so it closes around the pillow. This way it can't move about and you don't lose it. It also anchors the sleeping bag the 'right way round' all the time while you are sleeping.
It's only a tenner and one of the best bits of kit I have ever bought!

Byeways said...

If you search under 'Camping pillows' on Amazon you'll find a fair few alternatives. Some of them are from known brands (Trekmates, Coleman, etc.) and there's a range of prices.

I don't know if anyone has ever done a pillow test for tgo. Sometimes people publish their kit lists for the challenge and backpacking trips if you have any back issues to browse.

Would an Alpkit Airlok dry bag, stuffed with spare clothing, do the trick? I suppose the material might be a bit coarse unless it was covered.

Louise said...

Er, no?!
I currently stuff my clothes and down jacket (if I'm not wearing it) into my buffs, one for under my head/neck, the other under my knee or hip or shoulder, depending on how I'm lying. I think I manage with it because I have the odd night in comfort. Trying to keep a pillow in place whilst lying on a slippery surface is tricky. Like trying to stay on the same slippery surface whilst inside a sleeping bag. I always fall off!

Sorry, I've been as much use as usual!

Laura said...

Hi everybody - thanks for the comments - at least I know it's not just me chasing the 'pillow' round the tent all night! So annoying!
Alan - I might give it a try! I hadn't thought of stuffing it all into the sleeping bag hood - what a good idea!
Louise - I hadn't thought of using a buff.....
Thanks for the tip about the Velez trousers David - I shall be careful!
Byeways - maybe TGO Challengers could do the pillow testing for the magazine - I would volunteer!