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Saturday, 3 December 2011

More from Moganshan Mountain..........

{Looking down Moganshan village to the market area. Under the arches we found local women selling huge bags of mushrooms they had collected in the forest along with large bottles of the best soy sauce you've ever tasted!

{One of the local praying mantids}

{Crossing a very deep ravine on a beautifully constructed rope bridge}

{Walking down to the Lodge}

{This, I think, was some kind of fungus - but I might be wrong!}

{At Chairman Mao's country retreat - his bedroom on show}

{Stretching our legs, long and short, at the motorway services}

{An amazing potted plant outside the Lodge}

{An interesting rock formation on one of the walks}

{A spider on its web beside a lamp-post - I'm glad it wasn't in the bath!}

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Louise said...

I think you're right (but then, you'll know that) that funghi looks like some type of earth star. Maybe.