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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Gone with the wind..............

After a bit of a risky journey (involving icy lumps) on my way to meet up with Louise for a walk on the Revack Estate last week, we wisely decided to abandon our planned walk for this week. It was a good call. After a bright start on Wednesday morning the weather began to deteriorate. First there was a heavy wet blizzard and then the wind started to blow.

The forecast for Thursday and Friday was dire. As the wind howled around the house here the electricity went off, fortunately for us only for about an hour, followed by no Radio 4! On Friday morning, after rather a sleepless night listening to the noises coming from outside, a phone call confirmed that the Friday walkers Christmas lunch was postponed.  I still had to drive to Banchory for a dental appointment. At the garden gate I had to clamber over an unexpected obstacle..............

Fortunately the branch hasn't done any damage but it has blocked the path. We've managed to arrange for someone to come on Monday morning to give us a quote for removing it. It's far too big for us to cut up with our little chain saw.

This wind made the storm in May during the TGO Challenge seem tame! The wild weather and consequent thoughts of how difficult it would be to camp out in it reminded me of the first book I remember reading by myself as a 5 or 6 year old. Noddy and Big-Ears were left lying under the stars when their tent blew away!

{First published in 1953}

At the end of the story minus tent, no money left and a little car that isn't feeling very well, Noddy sings a song.

"How nice it is to go away
And have a lovely holiday;
And yet although it's fun to roam,
It's even better coming home,
Coming home -
Coming home -

It's really LOVELY coming home!"

Hot chocolate by the fire, I think....................

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Louise said...

Remarkably appropriate little ditty for yourself, me thinks!