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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Friday walk....

After almost two weeks of the Challenge, following a map, it was a great relief to leave all the planning to someone else and go walking with the local group last Friday. I usually go with Pat from the farm up the road but she wasn't walking this week so I thought I'd give it a go on my own.

As you probably gather I mostly walk by myself or lead a group so it was very relaxing to just be lead around, chatting to the other walkers without worrying about missing a turn or getting somewhere by a certain time.

I was given a lift from Aboyne by two other walkers and we met the others at the Clatterin Brig carpark. This is not an area I know well at all. Looking later at the map I noticed I had been quite nearby when I completed the Challenge by re-routing through Edzell.

The route we took was very easy, undulating and quite picturesque in a farmland sort of way. Some of the rivers were only just crossable without wetting the boots too much. We eventually had lunch just above the track which leads down to Fasque House.

After a stroll through the grounds, admiring the small groups of various deer on the lawn in front of the big house, and also having a look at Fettercairn House, we arrived in Fettercairn where some cars had been left for a return drive to the start point.

{Fasque House}

A very pleasant walk in good company and NO RAIN or WIND!! I think we did about 7 miles.

The new phone was used to take the photo.

On the topic of the phone, I have now transferred all my maps along with the Viewranger operating system from my old one. It seems to be working although as this phone has a touch screen some of the controls are a bit different. Hopefully the weather will be good enough tomorrow for me to take it out and try it.

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