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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Butterflies and barmy sheep......

Louise has already posted a fine description of our walk together yesterday but I thought I'd add a few photos and a comment or two.

We parked beside the Cromdale Outdoor Centre which I vaguely remembered staying at once for a Ski Leader Refresher course in the dim and distant past.

{Louise - modelling her smart Tilley hat}

After we left the road and started to climb through the forest along the Speyside Way we spotted quite a number of butterflies. Here's a beautiful Peacock settled on some grassland - I couldn't get any closer without it fluttering off and landing somewhere else.

{Peacock butterfly resting briefly}

Cromdale Station lovingly restored made an interesting site - at this point the Speyside Way uses the route of the old railway track and makes for pleasant, if flat, walking.

{The old station platform at Cromdale}

There were quite a few low(ish) fences to climb over along the way. Here the lovely Louise demonstrates how to do this with a smile.

{Carefully avoiding the barbed wire}

Neither of us took photos of the barmy, charging sheep (3 in all). You'll have to imagine them for yourself.

Viewranger stats for the walk are recorded as:- distance 20.6 kms, ascent 312 m, descent 313 m (don't ask me what happened there!).

To read Louise's account of the walk, go to her blog and look for  'Another fine day'.

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Louise said...

I'd forgotten about the barbed wire. Must have missed that big hole we fell down too!