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Sunday, 6 March 2011

OOOOPs! ..........

I suppose some of you may have noticed that I've been very quiet lately! (Not like me, I have to add!)

Well, there are several explanations - I had the family visiting for a week so that meant that for a few days before they arrived there was a great deal of cleaning, tidying and general sorting to be done. Then the week they were here I was too busy to sit down at all and when they had all gone there was more tidying and washing to be done. Phew!

So all done and dusted (quite literally) and Him Indoors is away for four days working and OOOPS! the internet connection that we have here provided by Orange France goes down; the so-called Livebox is more like a Deadbox, and I can't get it mended for SIX days. But finally I'm back!

I've been planning a couple of posts while I've been out of contact. Here is the best!

Just before the family arrived I took a quick walk up into the forest behind the house, to stretch my legs and try to start my TGOC training.

I was perturbed to discover the foresters were working, felling trees and making huge muddy tracks where there were little paths before. Added to that my favourite walk was blocked off with a notice saying 'Interdit au public'.  So I took a bit of a detour and some photos.

{The notice closing the path to the public}

{Ooops! Don't walk this way either!}

Then, after I turned back, I came across a patch of hard snow where I discovered these frozen tracks!

{Large prints in the snow}

{My hand next to one of the paw prints}

I will admit to being a bit overexcited and rushed back home - this time with photographs! I have no proof they are wolf prints but they are exactly the same as the ones I saw before.

I googled 'un loup Reotier' in the hope of finding something interesting and I certainly did! By the way, I have not got permission to show this photo but I'm very pleased to find it and I'm 'borrowing' it to show you. It was taken in February 2009, by someone called Googleyse.

{A wolf photographed running across the road less than a kilometre away from here}


afootinthehills said...

Fantastic. It looks like a wolf print to me judging by other photographs I've seen - big paws being a noticeable feature of a wolf. Apparently that's one of the first things people comment on when they see one close up (in captivity) - certainly it was for me.

Lucky, lucky you. I'm so envious!

Louise said...

Such excitement you've been having, you must be exhausted! A little training's just what you need x

Laura said...

I'm pretty sure it was wolf print too - I've been staring hard at local dogs to ascertain if they have big enough paws but surprisingly even quite big dogs seem to have quite small feet.

I'm afraid it is only a 'little' training up to now!

The Odyssee said...

I'm surprised somebody managed to get a photo of a wolf running across a snow laden road.
What are the odds on that?

Hope it is a wolf though.

Laura said...

There is another photo by the same person which shows the wolf standing in the field. The one I put up is clearer though. I'm not sure I would have had the presence of mind to use my camera if it had been me. As you say, it's very long odds.

The Odyssee said...

I’m no expert Laura but, (there’s always a but isn’t there) that critter seems a tad too fat and it’s legs look too short for a wolf.

Laura said...

Mmmm! Well I can't really comment on your doubts as I've only seen pawprints myself - not a whole animal......YET!....