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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Mingling with marmottes...........

But they're really hard to photograph. Here's one I tried to get earlier............

{Photo of marmotte's head ..}

Not many marmottes in Scotland so you're right in your assumption that I'm now in the Alps. Having arrived last Saturday evening after a leisurely drive down the autoroutes and then into the mountains.

I'd been feeling a bit down in the dumps (not to mention downright dumpy) after my 3 months of Grandmothering duties. So this week I've been out and about walking every day. I even persuaded Him Indoors to come with me.

I've chosen mainly short (6 - 9 km ish) routes so I can play with my Viewranger GPS maps on my Nokia phone. After only a bit of trouble downloading, the new French mapping (new to Viewranger) is working a treat. Thanks to Mike at Viewranger for being so patient! Their customer service really is good!

Mostly the walks have included about 400m of up-ness with just a few knee crunching descents. The mountain scenery and tiny villages make this part of France just magical. We had one minor incident in which my long-suffering husband (his words) managed to get lost in a forest. I was a bit concerned for a while but he eventually re-appeared - still smiling. He had been following me but had taken a wrong turning somewhere.

{Photo of summer chalets once used by shepherds now holiday homes}
Today we walked where we often ski - at St.Veran in the Queyras Park. The bright warm sun gave way to some cold wind and sleety rain as we were returning to the carpark. There had already been a sprinkling of snow on the high tops in the past couple of days.

{Photo of this evening's sky}

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