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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Birthday Boy..................

Today is John's birthday. So he's the Birthday Boy!

Unfortunately the weather is being unco-operative and it's not going to be a skiing day.

Our plan is to go for lunch in Briancon. The old town is full of interesting little restaurants. Not all of them can cope with a Veggie (me) so we will have to wander along (actually 'down' or 'up' would be more accurate as it's quite steep) reading all the menu boards until one catches the eye.

For this I expect John to be wearing his new hat.

I was encouraged to buy a Tilley hat for his birthday present by this blog post -   http://phreerunner.blogspot.com/2010/03/tale-of-three-tilleys.html 

Fortunately it fits perfectly. He's wearing it now while looking at his emails.

It looks so good I might have to get one for myself!

then this - added later:-

{Photo of the Birthday Boy with new hat}

{Photo of lunch - that's Venison Stew and for me Vegetarian Crepe with Salad}

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