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Friday, 5 February 2010


For my latest snowshoeing trip it was up to Risoul (probably our nearest bigger ski resort) with a friend who had found a trail which would take us around the forest beside the ski slopes.

We set off quite early and it was extremely cold and still but promised to be a fine day with a good deep blue sky developing over head.

After a bit of trouble finding the correct carpark we unloaded, and, carrying the snowshoes, walked up quite a steep tarmac road through the resort. When we found the start of the trail we put on the snowshoes and within a couple of minutes we were stripping off the layers as we climbed up the track and then turned into the forest.

We crossed a ski tow twice and continued to plod uphill. I used my heel lifters on the snowshoes to see if it made climbing any easier. It probably would if I was a bit fitter and didn't have to keep stopping for breath!

Eventually we were at the top of a hill and beside a chairlift. By looking at the map we discovered we had climbed way too high and now we were on a different track entirely. Not lost -  just a bit mislaid! Then the fun started.....

Instead of climbing up more we decided to take a cross country route and meet up with the original track (the one we should have been on!). The snow was quite fluffy and light but deep. I pushed one pole up to the handle into it and realised bigger baskets would be a good buy.

Desperately trying to keep up with my friend who has very long legs - I half slid and half plunged down the steep(ish) snowy slopes.

Must say I was impressed with the snowshoes and once I got the hang of leaning forward down the hill it was most enjoyable.  Finally we came across the track. We both decided it was a very dull flat track compared to OUR route!

{Photo taken after surviving the descent}

{Photo at the Cabane de Razis - our lunch stop}

We ate our sandwiches (cheese & jam for me) and enjoyed a huge flask of hot chocolate (YUM!) before trotting back along the track to the carpark. We even took our snowshoes off for this return walk - the track was so hard-packed they were unnecessary!

Phew! ............A great day!

PS Now the Gremlins are stealing my photos - I'll try adding them later on..................

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