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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Must be just one of those days............

......when things don't quite go according to plan!

First of all the weather isn't co-operating - I had looked forward to a good ski today but with heavy black clouds and a poor forecast that was never going to happen.

So we went shopping instead!

Don't get excited - it was mostly food shopping. Although I did manage to get a pair of small gaiters to stop stuff falling into my boots. They were reduced in the sale in Intersport.

John bagged a new goretex shell jacket for half price. Very jammy!

None of the ski trousers I tried on fitted me - some were ridiculously long in the legs, others wouldn't fasten round my fat middle and one pair were so big they came up to my armpits - very fetching!

Then when we got back and I was unpacking the food, I managed to knock the whole new jar of fenugreek seeds onto the floor. The seeds I had carefully imported into France a couple of weeks ago. Nothing survives a fall onto the tiled floor here - the glass jar exploded all over the place. Too risky to try and save any of the fenugreek - powdered glass doesn't go down too well!

The fire won't stay alight this evening. There's been a lot of rain and sleet in the past 12 hours so the logs are a bit on the damp side. Fortunately it isn't too cold.

The water heater isn't working. It's supposed to back up the solar panels on dull days. But it isn't. A call to the plumber tomorrow morning will be in order I think!

Oh well - we'll see what tomorrow brings...................................(apart from the plumber!)


Piglet said...

Hmmm... I may have imagined it but I was almost sure I'd read a posting on here recently about ski lifts, and the fact that it's rarely possible to walk up instead these days. I've just searched around but I can't find it.

If it was you *g* then you might be interested in this http://sectionhiker.com/2010/02/23/hike-up-ski-down/ if you've not already seen it.

Phew... now I need a cup of tea!

Laura said...

Very interesting article - thanks for that.

Some of the places I ski here in the Southern Alps have marked trails for snowshoeing up next to the ski slopes.
Walking up in Scotland was often the option when the lift broke down!