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Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Wind Chill Factor...........................


That sound is my teeth chattering while skiing - not a good thing at all - and it got worse after lunch.

This was the first sunny day for quite a while so me and Him Indoors grabbed our skiis, pausing to throw on a few extra clothes, and headed for the Queyras National Park where we do most of our skiing these days.

What we hadn't really noticed was just how cold it was!

The van thermometer was reading -7 when we arrived at the chair lift. A stiff North Westerly breeze must have knocked the numbers down to around -20.  Before long the little hairs in my nose began to freeze up.
(That's probably too much information.............).

We managed three runs (well, I did, John only did two, then headed for the restaurant).  I joined him after another cold ride up the chair.

The little stone and wooden hut was crammed with people, and the menu was good for me for a change. As it was Saturday (again) I had chips (frites) with a piece of Leek & Mushroom tart. I should maybe mention here how difficult it is for vegetarians to eat out in France. I survive mainly on Goat's Cheese Salad or Pizza or in extreme cases, just a plate of chips. To find a savoury vegetable tart is a bit of a triumph for me. And there are two other flavours to try - Provencal (like a ratatouille) and Courgette & Mint. That means I can go back another day and eat something different! Fantastic!

However after a thorough warm-up in the restaurant it felt even colder back on the slopes. I kept thinking of my lovely down waistcoat which I could have worn........... After not very long we both agreed to give up and go home.

Now I'm cooking up some of the Festive left-overs into a good hot curry. Yum!

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I thought it was cold here!

That lunch stop sounds lovely, though, as well as the skiing. Exhilarating to the n'th degree!

Must go and put the electric blanket on, though. I'm cold just *thinking* about the temperatures over there...