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Monday, 18 January 2010

Glorious Food.........

We had lunch today at the restaurant with the wonderful savoury tarts - I had the Leek & Mushroom again - as it was so delicious last time. Avoiding the chips I had a green salad which had chick peas in it. 

{Photo of my Leek & Mushroom Tart - with salad}

And the skiing was pretty good too!

I should be putting stuff in the suitcase now. But we're just having a cuppa after getting home from the slopes. I'm making a list of things (mostly food) that I'm going to try and bring back with us.

We both love Indian food so I need to top up on some of the spices I can't get here. The French generally don't eat very hot spicy things. Let's hope the customs don't mind a bag or two of fenugreek seeds in the luggage!

When we get back we're planning a Burns Night Supper for the neighbours so the bag will also contain a couple of turnips (swedes to the English) and two haggis (one vegetarian of course!).


Here are the things I regularly bring out from home as they are either completely unavailable, with no suitable alternative or are ridiculously expensive...

marmite   bisto    rolled oats   unroasted cashew nuts   whole dried red chillies   green pumpkin seeds
tea bags   whole grain brown rice    baked beans   hp sauce   faith in nature shampoo  Cuprofen  
curry spices    soya chunks   tvp mince    parsnips   Christmas pudding   chunky marmalade.........

I'm sure there are more but that's all I can think of just now!

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Piglet said...

ZOMG, that tart and salad look *wonderful*!!! I'm going to have to have an early breakfast.

I'd have had the chips too, though *g*

I'm surprised you can't easily get pumpkin seeds over there, and dried chillies. And wholegrain brown rice!